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    VPF Due Diligence 2015 - grants & investments

    As last year, VPF is once more on the look-out for entrepreneurial social ventures which can benefit from its unique set of supporters from the financial and business world. We want to hear about charities and other social ventures who seek grant and pro bono support - see below for our selection criteria.

    HOWEVER, a successful series of social investments has also prompted a search for further investment opportunities amongst VPF's existing portfolio and in charities and other organisations new to VPF

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    Part 1 - RESULTS
    Who got selected?

    Part 2 - PROCESS
    So how did we go about it?

    We would like to think that our due diligence this year was uber successful – why not have a read and gage for yourself.

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    VPF Newsletter 2014 - Autumn Edition

    Read all about the results and process of our recent rigorous due diligence. We also have some great news about highly acclaimed awards that our current portfolio have achieved! Click here


    VPF Newsletter 2014 (Feb 2014)

    Read all about what lies ahead for VPF in 2014 and what our stellar portfolio has in the pipeline! Click here


    Social Investments in the Long Tail


    An example of a power law graph showing popularity ranking. To the right (yellow) is the long tail; to the left (green) are the few that dominate. In this example, the areas of both regions are equal.

    Over the last few years VPF has been testing the waters of social investment. Whilst not explicitly one of our grant-making criteria, a high proportion of our charities have tended to demonstrate the ability to generate a return on investment.

    The sums we have invested are not large - £450,000 in total in three organizations with two of these investments for only £50,000. Such small investments would not have been possible without the ability to use the pro-bono skills of our financially-literate member community (the cost of legal and financial expertise would have smothered any benefit) and the preparedness of our investment supporters to contemplate losses*.

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